The Beguiling Beaches of St Lucia

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There are few better places to go for an island getaway than St Lucia, in the Caribbean. The island will give you access to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, a stunning interior and a host of luxury hotels. St Lucia is your ticket to a Caribbean paradise!

The island was first colonised by the French, remaining firmly in their hands until the 1600s, then it moved back and forth to British rule until 1814, when the British definitively took control. Located at the juncture where the Atlantic Ocean crashes into the Caribbean Sea, this gorgeous island is a perfect place for exclusive and opulent holidays to enjoy the sun, sea and some of the best beaches on the planet. There is no lack of places to go, history to be seen or local flavours to take part in on the island. Whether you want to spend your days lying on one of the beautiful beaches, hitting the water for the great water sports, fishing in the deep, or exploring the history, staying in the luxury hotels St Lucia offers will give you carte blanche to this island paradise. Make sure you take advantage of the diversity obeaches at your disposal.

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Beaches of the west coast

When you arrive on the island, you will find that many of the beaches highly recommended are on the western coast. The location of many of the luxury hotels St Lucia offers take advantage of the spectacular, calmer beaches of the west, where you can swim, relax, lie in the sun and generally feel like royalty. If you are one for a party, then be sure to visit Reduit Beach near the north of the island, though. Here, you can spend your day on the vast stretch of golden sands, with views towards the humps of Pigeon Island, then stay around to enjoy the eclectic nightlife and party on into the wee hours. On the other hand, the beaches nearer Pigeon Island offer two small strips of secluded sand that are perfect for families. If your dream holiday is all about relaxing in a stunning location, then pay a visit to Anse Chastanet beach, near the southern point of the island. Here, dark sands stretch wide, with palm trees dotted along them and a backdrop of forested hillside adding to the exclusive, secluded ambience.

ff1 300x198 The Beguiling Beaches of St Lucia

Beaches of the eastern coast

For those who don’t mind an adventure (or are craving one) there’s something for you too! Head to the eastern coast in a rented 4 x 4 organised by the staff at your luxury hotels. St Lucia is simple to navigate but be sure to set off with a map, GPS or even a private guide. You can explore the more isolated parts of the coastline where some of the more wilder and ruggedly beautiful beaches are located. The history buffs may like to see the Indian stone carvings at Dauphin Beach. Wade across the river and follow the various stones up to the main three carvings, which take on the form of a family. Beyond the carvings are the remains of the tower of a colonial church that was destroyed during the revolution in 1795. On this side of the island you will notice that the current is stronger and less suitable for swimming, and the beaches often bank on to sheer cliff faces. But the smaller sand beaches are great for experienced water sports enthusiasts.

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