Caribbean Travel – What to Look Forward to While on Holiday in Negril Jamaica

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Negril is consistently among the favorite travel destinations in the Caribbean. It is located on the western tip of Jamaica. Famous for its long stretch of lovely white sand beaches, its breathtaking holiday resorts and its amazing sunset. This holiday spot is a unique amalgam of modernity interwoven with the Jamaican culture, and to a large extent untouched by the ravages of modern living. Negril is comprised of four districts. Its square is where you will find the local markets, gas stations, restaurants, and the local police station.

Booking your stay:

When it comes to finding the ideal spot to book your stay in Negril, there are a variety of places that cater to different size budgets, so finding the one that fits your pocket won’t be too much of a hassle. These range from premium all-inclusive resorts to smaller more affordable hotels. You will find that there are a lot more activities available at the all-inclusive resorts than the smaller hotels, but don’t let that dampen your spirit if they go beyond your budget. There are still a lot of activities that Negril offers which will make your stay there quite fulfilling and unforgettable.

Places to visit and activities to do:

If thrill and adventure is what you seek, be sure to check out Rick’s Café. It’s the ideal place to watch the sun setting over Negril. There is even a diving slab for adventurous divers to take a plunge in the Caribbean Sea from a dazzling height! If diving is not your deal, you’ll still have fun watching others as they throw all care to the winds and jump into the turquoise blue waters from the Cliffside. There is also a place for underwater experience with snorkeling and scuba diving that many tourists find enjoyable. Another activity you will enjoy – the thrill of watching underwater life by taking a sea tour in a glass-bottomed boat. This is such a fulfilling experience, viewing the unusual variety of brightly colored tropical fish through the boat’s glass bottom.

There are craft markets that are primarily for tourists on the outskirts of Negril, where you can buy cultural souvenirs to take back home with you. When it comes to finding a place to enjoy a scrumptious Jamaican dish, you’ll find that most of the eating joints are confined to the hotels in Negril. But there’s still plenty of delicious jerk chicken and fried fish available along the beach areas. If you’re craving a drink, there are plenty places to visit. Enjoy lively Reggae music while sipping the drinks of your choice in several open-air entertainment spots. Visiting different beer shacks and rum bars in Negril also offers a good experience. While you can party at local clubs in the evening hours, the beaches still remain the most popular hangouts after dusk.

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